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Missional clarity and visionary focus for Kingdom Impact.

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Strategic help for churches under 250 who want to move forward.

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You've read all the books.

You've heard all the Podcasts.

So why are you still not making progress?

You can hear the stories of what the big churches do, but copying what they did never works. Especially in churches under 250.

Progress only happens when your thinking is right and then you start taking action. We can help your church do just that..

Our Customers

Hi, I'm Chris

I've been working full-time for churches since 2019. I'm a qualified Project Manager and a trained Facilitator. 

I care deeply about the local church and want to see every church thriving - reaching its community, discipling people and bringing God's Kingdom on earth.

If you'd like to talk, I'd love to meet you. Just click the book a free call button and we can arrange a virtual coffee.

What We Do


We'll facilitate planning meetings to help you work out where your church needs to go.

Project Management

We help churches bridge the gap between idea and the new normal you want to see.


We can coach Senior Leaders and Key Leaders in your church to have clarity and maximise their role.

How It All Works

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